Dominic's Staff Pick: March 16, 2023

Hey guys, what’s up? A happy Saint Patrick’s day to you. As I write, that will be tomorrow, but I’ve been in the proverbial spirit all week long. On Monday Matt and I played an all Irish and Celtic inspired two hours of music for Worldy, which was fun. Check it out if you need a fix of Emerald Isle themed music. During the show I managed to fit in two Thin Lizzy tracks, naturally Whiskey In The Jar was one and with my Lizzy albums out for potential selection I have spent the rest of the week dipping into the records I have by them. I can’t flex and say I have their complete discography, far from it, but I have always liked them, and particularly Phil Lynott. What a dude. I’ll raise a pint in his honor tomorrow.

The rest of my week has been spent here at the store pricing up records. Jeff and I have made a good dent on that big Jazz collection Daniel bought recently and we have lots of cool stuff from other collections that will be hitting our new arrivals bins over the next few weeks. We sent out a little tease yesterday about one slab of wax that I was excited about, the stereo copy of The 13th Floor Elevators’ first album. Very cool. I naturally had to carefully test play it a couple of times for quality control reasons. Lol. It sounds amazing.

Yesterday, my football inflicted misery continued as my Reds were bounced out of Europe. That wasn’t really a shock as the odds were against us, but the prospect of no Champions League football or possibly any European football next season is quite depressing. I’ll have to chat with supporters of other teams and see how they cope because this isn’t something we as Liverpool fans are used to. Ha. I’m fooling around.

Anyway, that all being said, here I am on a Thursday morning and trying to write something for the newsletter with my head swirling with all kinds of emotions and vibrations from the music I have been spinning this week and having a really hard time trying to formulate words interesting enough for you to read. I’d like to wax lyrical about some of these Jazz records we have here, or tell you a great story about the recording of one of Thin Lizzy’s albums or go into a deep dive about how the 13th Floor Elevators records are so good and need to be heard from originals as almost all reissues sound like shit, or tell you that we just got in yet another Heartbreakers record, this time the Yonkers 1976 demos and why it’s worthy of your consideration. Short answer, these recordings feature Richard Hell in the line-up. However unfortunately my brain is mush right now, so my staff pick is going to be a simple instruction this week. Play as much Thin Lizzy as you can. That’s all. I brought in several of my Lizzy records to the store today and Jeff and I will be rocking out to those among other things today as we go about our work. Not a bad soundtrack to have, right? Are you a rocker?

Slainte - Dom

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