Dominic's Staff Pick: December 1, 2022

Hey everyone! Here we are again with another Sorry State Newsletter after the Thanksgiving break. We hope you are all doing well out there and as always we appreciate you reading this and for your support. With so much to distract our attentions these days, it means a lot that you chose to spend a few minutes with us each week.

I’ve had plenty to keep my mind occupied these past two weeks with the World Cup going on. I know there are many issues with Qatar being selected as the host country and FIFA as an organization, but it’s still the World Cup, the most important part of the sporting calendar for most of the world, and something that I love watching. With the time zone difference, I haven’t managed to get up at 4 AM to watch the early games, but try to catch as much of the other games as possible. A little tricky at work, but I keep a screen going and my phone updating me. Then at night it’s watching recorded games and the pundit shows to get the complete story. So, a little less music listening than usual, although I do often like to watch games with the sound down and something playing. For the radio show Worldy that I do over at The Face Radio, we have been trying to play records from all 32 countries involved in the World Cup and as many footie records that we have. My partner Matt, who is a soccer coach here, has some great football related records. For the first full day of the competition, the other Monday, we were on air for a marathon six-hour session. Those shows and our others are available in the Face archives should you be interested. I thought we had a fun one last week with the selections we picked. One record that I played was something that I pulled from a collection of 80s 12-inch singles we recently bought, and it seemed to fit in well with the flow of the show.

It’s by Doc Ti and called Block Party, released on Next Plateau Records in 1987. A nice slice of electro hip-hop that was rapper Doc Ti’s second release. As with most 12-inch singles from the era, this one comes backed with an instrumental version of the song, and that’s something that I always enjoy getting. I can’t tell you much about Doc Ti other than his real name is Tony Pruden, he’s from New York, and he has released music under his real name.

This cut is cool though, and with all the block parties going on around the country and rest of the world as people gather to watch the games, an appropriate choice I thought. Check it out here and see what you think. The sample used is Drop The Bomb by Trouble Funk along with a couple of other soundbites dropped in, like the chorus from It’s A Shame by The Spinners.

Not much of a staff pick from me again this week which I apologize for, but I promise if you listen to the Worldy shows, you’ll hear some good shit. And if you come visit us at the store, I’ll point you towards even more cool stuff. We have the records, no doubt.

Cheers - Dom

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