Danny's Staff Pick: May 28, 2024

Hello Fellow Sorry Staters! This week has been another whirlwind of ups and downs, but here I am on the up and up! I haven’t really had time to listen to new stuff, but one record that has been on my radar is American Culture’s Hey Brother, It’s Been Awhile. Before I get into my review of their record I just want to point out how on point Convulse Records has been. They definitely have an ear for some really great music, from Militarie Gun, MsPaint and Gel. Honestly, I could list their whole roster and every band would rip for sure. I will always blind buy a Convulse Records release and will always be happy with it. Now on to my thoughts about the new American Culture record!

The write up on the Convulse records site describes this record as punk psychedelia and I could not agree more. The album is oozing with influences from The Stone Roses and Oasis, while adding this twist of sonically inducing soundscapes in the background and it’s just a perfect record. I like to think of times or places to listen to a record when I am going through my first listen. Do you have a long road trip to go on? Are you walking alone in an empty airport on a layover at 3am? Are you laying in a field with your significant other or a group of friends smoking a joint? This is how I envision listening to this album.

Lyrically this album was written as a true story of the loss of a friend and wondering how they are and what they are doing. In the song “Two Coyotes” Chris Adolf writes, “Hey man, where are you sleeping tonight? Hang man, what you keeping inside?” You can tell that he is worried about his friend and how he is doing while Michael Stein, who went homeless and missing for 3 months, writes in the song “Survive,” “My friends aren’t angry—I just think they got tired—They talk about me in the past tense, but I don’t mind.” In the actual record, there is a full story about what happened and the struggles both faced.

In the end, lyrically this album is heavy and sonically beautiful. You will not regret listening to this record. Pull out the lyric sheet and read along to two friends’ story of homelessness, addiction and missing your friend.

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