Seth's New Release Roundup: August 13th 2018

No video this week again sadly. Hopefully we'll pick up on ordering and getting new releases by next week. Till then here's some more of Seth's takes on what's come out this week.

AURA NOIR: Dark Lunk Of The Storm 7"
A little teaser for Aura Noir's upcoming LP titled Aura Noire. Limited to 400 Copies.
Talking about metal is probably not my strong suit. While I've flirted with metal over the years I'm not a die hard fan and my knowledge of it is not entirely extensive. BUT I really am digging these two songs so here we go. Aura Noir hail from Norway, if forced to slap a label on it I'd probably say they hang out in the thrash category mostly while pulling from other sub-genres of metal.
The A-side Dark Lung Of The Storm has kind of a dark chugging feel to it but at a driving Motorhead pace. It's like if Amebix were a little more energetic on Arise. Metal heads could probably pick out the influences a little better than me but this is kind of like a cross of Venom (probably like Welcom To Hell era) and Celtic Frost. Again way out of my league to talk about this but as a fairweather metal fan I really dig it.

Heterofobia: S/T 7"
I always joke about bands bringing the punk back to post-punk. This is a true case of that. This is the kind of darkness I can get down with. This is a glorious cocophonous noise that feels oppressive, mean and pissed off. Really into it. It's not on badcamp yet so I put a link to their great cassette (which has some of the same songs) above.

This is easy.
Erik Nervous = Awesome
Devo = Awesome
Therefore Erik Nervous + Devo = 2x(Awesome).
If you like either Erik Nervous or Devo then this is a no brainer.

POISON IDEA: Legacy Of Disfunction OST 12"
So I'm sure a lot of people are curious about this. This pretty much collects some of the songs featured in the documentary of the same name. It's a mixture of studio tracks and live tracks. About half of the tracks are straight from the albums. Mixed between this are small little audio clips from the documentary. I think the song Names & Numbers is a new never released song (unless it's in some part of their discography I don't know). I put a video for that song up above.
Pros: It's POISON IDEA! Some new content I've never heard.
Cons: Half the stuff on here you probably already have on another album (if you know what's good for you). I think this works better in tandem with the movie, which I still haven't seen, since no information is given about any of the tracks other than their name.
I'll post a picture of the back cover on here so people can see the tracklisting. Final thoughts- Maybe I jumped into this too early and should watch the movie first. Really wish this had an insert but still it rips from beginning to end. Maybe a good starting point if you've never really gotten into Poison Idea since it covers a good portion of their decently sized output. There's enough extra content in there to make it not feel like you just bought a best of album. Comment down below if you've seen the movie and/or have any more information on this.

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