Angela's Staff Pick: September 15, 2022

Hi Sorry State fam! Thanks as always for your support and for reading! I’m gonna just jump into it.

I’ve got an extra special staff pick today. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you who Scarecrow is, but they are a Raleigh-based hardcore band that also comprise half of our staff. If you love you some Swedish hardcore-inspired crusty punk, look no further than Scarecrow. I’m always drawn to the d-beat sound and to political punk in general, so I was excited to hear the much anticipated Crisis EP.

Released on Bunker Punks Discs and Tapes, Crisis is a seven-track, fast as fuck, razor sharp ripper. Infused with incredible chemistry between band members, their technical skill is apparent. One thing that popped into my mind after playing the EP a few times is that Scarecrow really knows how to write a fucking song.

What I really like about this EP is that it’s not just fast and mean hardcore. The band effectively uses different techniques that make the songs catchy and creative in a way that doesn’t compromise or water down the music at all. I really noticed this in their intros and outros. I really love that their outros aren’t repetitive at all. “Leeches” is my favorite track. The fury that is unleashed upon us around the 1:03 mark is infectious. There is a seamless vocal style transition into meaner territory beginning with the line “500,000 dead…..” Dude. That’s all I can come up with. It’s just …. DUDE. And I gotta say I’m a sucker for a good drum breakdown, and you definitely get one right around this part I’m referring to in “Leeches.”

“Abolition” is another favorite. It’s a total ripper. Holy hell, the riffage on that one!

The recording and overall sound quality is impressive. It sounds incredible. Very clean, but still raw. And right down to the artwork, you can tell that a lot of passion and effort went into this record from all angles. The jackets and inserts couldn’t have come out better (side note: I love the metallic touches). I really appreciate little details like that.

To steal a line from Jeff, this is one hot slab. Looking forward to what’s in store next for Scarecrow. Perhaps a full length? Just a thought. Mull it over.

Linked below is the Crisis EP on Bandcamp for your enjoyment.

Until we meet again, thanks for reading!


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