Angela's Staff Pick: February 16, 2023

Hi Sorry State readers! Hope all is well. We’ve been busier than ever in SSR land. We were so stoked to put out the Koro reissue, so thank you to everyone who grabbed one. It’s not too late to pick one up. It sounds so sick. We’ve been extra busy filling orders, so you should have yours soon.

My pick this week is the Feral/Judy and the Jerks split called Free Violence. It’s the product of Earth Girl Tapes in good ole’ Hattiesburg Mississippi. Feral is an Atlanta hardcore punk band that I’ve recently come to know. They’re interesting. I guess I would call their sound anarcho punk. The vocalist sings/shouts with a lot of intensity, and the music has a dark, gothy feel to it. Genocide is the standout track. Not gonna lie, it’s a very lo-fi recording. It’s pretty quiet, so you’re going to have to play this side loud.

The Judy and the Jerks side is a better recording. However, their style is tighter and cleaner in general, which may be biasing me a little when I say it’s a better recording. It’s definitely louder. The style of Judy and the Jerks is a good contrast to the darker and more serious tone of Feral. High-energy vocals, sharp and distorted riffs, standout bass lines. It’s just pure fun. Very short, but very satisfying. I mean, it’s Judy and the Jerks. You know what you’re getting.

I’m gonna make this one short, but thanks for reading!

Until next time.


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