Angela's SSR Pick: May 5, 2022

Hi Sorry State fam! I hope everyone’s doing well out there, considering. Like a lot of people, I’ve been sort of stuck in a state of anger, fear, and disappointment with our fucked up government for a while now and the current state of absolute insanity. But music is a great outlet for all those shit feelings, and it’s always given me a sense of community.

Ya know… community is great and all, but I also feel like kicking some heads, and that’s my segue into this week’s staff pick. I’ve been really digging Headkicker’s debut release, presented by our own Sorry State Records.

Headkicker’s debut is an exhilarating 13 minute ride that keeps the same energy from start to finish. “The Law” is the opener and the standout track for me, as it just busts the door down and immediately grabs your attention. It’s fast and intense, with great vocal delivery to match. It’s got a bouncy post-punk beat with a dash of garage rock. Another standout, “Televise,” is reminiscent of late 70s punk, both with the vocals and the more urgent guitars. And the song “Future” feels like the punk anthem of the bunch, so it makes for a great closer.

Headkicker pays homage to its predecessors with its diverse mix of punk styles, but it’s by no means just a walk down memory lane. It incorporates such an interesting blend of different sounds that keeps you on your toes. There’s also a well-crafted shift in musical styles and structures throughout, and they maneuver these shifts with ease. It can be a tricky thing to experiment in a short amount of time without sounding like you’re throwing shit at the wall hoping something sticks. It’s clear Headkicker knows what they’re doing, because everything seems to stick. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this band.

Oh, we need to talk about the packaging for a second, because it’s just so fucking cool! The retro vibe of the polka dots really makes it stand out, but it’s the braille on the pink outer strip for me.

By the way, this is a limited run and we only have a handful of these cassettes left, so I would grab it while you can. You won’t be disappointed!

Check out the opening track, “The Law” linked below.

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