Angela's SSR Pick: August 25, 2022

Hey Sorry State readers! Hope everyone is doing well. This week has been pretty smooth, but there’s always a lot of cool shit in the works here in Sorry State land to gear up for.

For now, it’s time to talk about the music I’m digging, and it’s an easy one for me this week. If you follow us on the gram, you saw me post about Liquids: Life is Pain Idiot yesterday. I love the album title and that cool ass sticker on the shrink. A subtle yet effective way to elevate the album art. You also get a surprise flexi disc with four bonus songs, bringing the total to 27 tracks. Don’t panic! The songs are all super short, with some clocking in under a minute.

Anyways, the music. I love the snotty vocals and the super fast-paced and unrelenting energy this album delivers. It has that good old classic punk sound, but messier, and with some interesting surprises thrown your way. There are some cool drum beats and unique guitar interludes to mix things up, which the album kinda needs, as it can sound a bit samesy at times.

My very favorites are the first two songs, When You Were Born (You Should’ve Died), and Don’t Wanna Get to Know You. Very classic punk. I think the album is front-loaded, but it’s also possible that I feel that way because I need a breather by around track 14. I think the solution is to start with the latter half of the album next time to determine if I really do prefer the first half.

Like I said, the cool interludes help to mix things up and add interest. Also, the song Tryin is a perfect song to reset your focus. It provides a welcome change of pace and has a retro feel. It may be one of those love or hate songs, but I love it. Lemon Rice (Doomed to Live) is another one of my favorites, and I can see this one being a crowd pleaser at a show. Major singalong vibes. It’s super fast, and it’s just fun to listen to. Liquids also blesses us with a Meatloaf cover! Bat out of Hell, anyone? Trust me, Liquids manages to make it sound good, and thankfully they chopped about seven minutes off the original.

I think you will really like this record. I realize this is the second staff pick in a row where I mention the Ramones, but this record has a messier and overall more unrefined Ramones feel to it, with some power-pop, a dash of retro, and some weird, yet welcomed, additions. And did I mention a bonus flexi? This album has been a steady seller for us, so join the cool kids and grab one!

Thank you for reading! Until next week…


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