A Ton of New Items on Sale!

As usual, our bins are overflowing here at Sorry State so we just added a TON of items to our markdown sections. As a reminder, here's how those sections are organized:

Our Priced Reduced section contains mostly releases that have come out in the past 6-12 months. Most of these items are 15% off. This section is chock full of KILLER items... here at Sorry State we tend to base our order quantities on how much we like a record, so we have overstock of lots of releases that we highly recommend by artists like Obstruction, Damaged Bug, Housewives, Mujeres Podridas, Pandemix, D.O.G., Straight Jacket Nation, and many, many more!

Our Clearance section contains items that have been hanging around a little longer and most of these items are 50% off or more! There's lots of great music here as well. Might I recommend the Deathly cassette, Catholic Guilt 7", or the Earth Girls LP, all of which are 50% off!

And finally, if you're a real penny pincher you can always visit the $1 bin where everything costs $1! I haven't updated this section in a while but I'll try to add some new screaming deals in the next few days.

Also, if you're in the Raleigh area these prices are also good in the store. They should ring up with the sale price when you check out, so don't worry if the price sticker says something different.

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