New webstore!

As you can see, Sorry State has gotten a fresh coat of paint; not only that, but we've completely changed how things work under the hood. The new web store is prettier, should be way faster, and (once I do a little work) everything should be much better organized.

To celebrate the new webstore and encourage you to check it out, we're offering 15% of all orders for the next week. Just use coupon code inwiththenew! The code expires on October 11, 2013.

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  • Hi there, how are you doing?

    So I am contacting to introduce to you guys my band KAZÄN, we just released in December our first Demo-Ep, hope you enjoy it.

    If you like and want to make some trades, hit me up i also have other releases.

    Hope to hear from you soon, keep up the good work.


    Fábio Couto // KAZÄN

    KAZÄN is a Savage Raw Punk band from Terceira Island, Azores.
    Inspired by the inherent madness of Island isolation, in direct confrontation with the primal need to expel and reveal all the intense paranoia, anxiety, alienation, morbidity, rage and anguish that burns in our minds.
    Our own connection with our savage natural surroundings is in itself an essential component of our sound: a symbiotic relation between our Azorean volcanic identity and the explosive fire from every musical influence that makes our blood boil.
    Rolling in lava like pigs in mud, losing ourselves in every possible crater and filling our lungs with every sulfur, we will use and abuse our violent Rock n’ Roll in order to dance fearlessly with our demons and bathing ourselves in every decadent pleasure and ecstasy that we can find. Tormented by chaos, smothered in freedom.

    Fabio Couto

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