In today: lots of HARDCORE from Paranoid, Hyena, the Scam, To Live a Lie Records and more

Today brings lots of new hardcore to the store, which I know everyone is stoked about! First up is the new EP from Sweden's Paranoid, who for my money is the best d-beat band in the world. This new 3-songer totally rips and is an essential addition to their discography:

Continuing along the same lines, we have the demo cassette from Atlanta's Hyena. Hyena are basically Bukkake Boys with a reshuffled lineup, and since we put out a couple of their records obviously we're big fans of the Bukkake Boys here at Sorry State. Hyena have a similar bruising sound to Bukkake Boys, but with a little more lead guitar that gives them more of a Japanese-type vibe.

Continuing on, we have a couple more excellent reissues from Spain's Antitodo Records. We have some copies of the excellent UK82 reissue from Self Abuse, but since we're talking hardcore today I want to highlight their reissue of the 1986 Everything Ends in Rot EP by New Hampshire's The Scam. I actually wasn't too familiar with this one, but it's a real ripper... SUPER fast with a very unique vibe, as you might expect from a band hailing from such an out of the way locale:

Finally, our buddy Will at To Live a Lie Records dropped off a heap of his recent releases. You can check out everything we have in stock from TLAL here, but the hottest one is the brand new Coke Bust / Despise You split:

No streaming link on this one, unfortunately, but you probably already know what both of these bands sound like!

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