Zyanose: Why There Grieve? 12"

La Vida Es Un Mus


I was a little worried when I saw the cover of this record and the Doom rip-off logo on the center label, but it's OK... Zyanose continue their ongoing project of completely deconstructing raw hardcore on this 12". Like my favorite contemporary Japanese band, D-Clone, they've pretty much shed any residual Discharge influence and arrived at a sound that owes more to harsh, straightforward noise. The label's description mentions Gloom and Exit Hippies, and I'd say I hear more of the latter than the former on this record... it's just a pummeling, almost completely abstract wash of sound. Somehow, though, like D-Clone they manage to retain a sense of dynamics that keep you on your toes through the length of a whole (though rather short) 12". Definitely one for the most adventurous of crusties...

Tags: crust japan noisy raw