Zyanose: Noise Philia 2005-2011 12"

540 Records


Discography-to-date for Japanese noise punkers Zyanose. These guys recently destroyed Chaos in Tejas, and this LP collects their Yotsuva 7" along with several s***-rare CDR demos and compilation tracks. Like their countrymen D-Clone, Zyanose play music inspired by the raw noise-punk aesthetic of bands like Disclose and Confuse, but push the noise angle even further toward something that is almost abstract and artsy, while still retaining the wild energy and abandon of HC. There are a billion bands who completely half-ass this style, but as you might imagine from a band who has only released a handful of tracks over 6 years as a band, Zyanose take their time and make every moment and every Discharge of raw noise count. Essential. 540 / Todo Destruido Records

Tags: 10s bfsale D-beat gb325 Japan noise punk noisy