Zex: Savage City 7"

Electric Assault Records


2nd EP from this new Canadian band, and I have to say I am totally in love with this thing... when I heard their first EP I kind of wondered if it was a fluke, because it sounded like the band couldn't really make up their mind whether they wanted to be a UK82-style punk band or more of NWOBHM revival-type thing, and the tension between those two sounds led to some really interesting songwriting. However, this time around the a-side is a bit different... a totally straightforward melodic punk banger with huge, powerful lady vox. Honestly, this is kind of what I always wished that Vice Squad sounded like, but they don't... it's basically simple and straightforward UK82 punk with vocals that have a ton of personality a la X Ray Spex or something like that. The b-side does have that UK82-meets-NWOBHM hybrid sound of the first single, so if you liked that you'll probably be way into the b-side track. Both songs, though, have great production and are carried by a vocalist that has more charisma than just about anyone I can think of at the moment. Definitely recommended.

Tags: 10s canada female-fronted post-punk punk recommended uk82