Zap: Demo Cassette

Not Normal Records


Not Normal releases another killer band from the wilds of Northwest Indiana... I'm not sure if these guys are related to the whole Big Zit / Ooze camp, but the 80s throwback / skate rock aesthetic and the general riffing style hints that that might be the case. The sound isn't quite as developed as those bands... it's a little more straightforward 80s hardcore, but definitely with some of the interesting, punk-ish riffing that makes those bands so special. Five songs, one of which is (rather inexplicably), a kind of Total Control-ish, mellow electronic chill-out, which I actually really like and hope they do more of in the future. Definitely a cool demo, and I feel like if this band keeps at it they might have a real face-melter of a record in them.

Tags: 10s bfsale hardcore midwest punk ushc