Zakary Thaks: Form the Habit 12"

Beat Rocket Records


Form the Habit features each of the Zakary Thaks' frenzifying singles -- spanning the Texas crude of their stomping "Bad Girl" to the elevated psychedelia of "Green Crystal Ties" -- plus outtakes/backing tracks, a meaty interview with lead singer Chris Gerniottis and previously unpublished photos!

"Ahead of their time" is a cliche in rock music journalism. But Texas' The Zakary Thaks had their pulse on the future of rock music in a way few did in their era. As someone who grew up in the 80s and 90s on a diet of punk, thrash, and hardcore, I recently became interested in tracing back these sub-genres of rock n roll to their roots. Of course, I passed backwards through THE NEW YORK DOLLS and THE STOOGES, and came upon the amazing "Nuggets" compilation of 60's garage rock/psychedelic rock bands. It was there I discvered The Zakary Thaks, who made their appearance with "Bad Girl." Perhaps the fastest, tightest, thrashiest song I've heard from the 60s, "Bad Girl" singlehandedly lays down the blueprint for all of the fast punk that would come to predominate the hardcore punk scene of the early 80s: Consistently fast drums, tight power chord riffing, a compact solo in just the right place that leads back into main riff just in time for a barnstorming ending--it's just great stuff.
Tags: 60s garage punk raw texas yoobl