Youth Avoiders: S/T 12"

Deranged Records

$8.00 $14.00

Debut 12" from this French band who had a couple of previous European-release 7"s and recently toured the USA with fellow Frenchies Gasmask Terror. When I saw the band on that tour they really blew me away with their precise, blistering hardcore. I love bands that play hardcore with minimal distortion on the guitar (anything from Formaldehyde Junkies to Sudor), particularly when they have a style with a lot of tight changes and snappy riffs. A clear, bright sound just makes things pop so much more, and that's certainly the case on this LP. If you're looking for distortion 'til deafness you won't find it here, but if you like the aforementioned bands or similarly fast-and-catchy punk like Career Suicide, Night Birds, or Social Circkle you'll want to check this out. Deranged Records