Yi: Crying 12"



Debut LP from these weirdo punks out of Oakland. Yi have caught a lot of people's ear over the past year or so, which makes sense because they have a really unique sound... the songs are driven by this totally frantic bass. The description on their web page jokingly compares the bass playing to Matt Freeman of Rancid, but really it's a lot more Mike Watt... the guitars are a little heavier and punkier than your typical D Boon chime, though, and the vocals are distorted, tortured and white. So are the song structures for that matter, careening around from part to part with little regard for convention. That's about half the record, and then the other half is just absolutely killer lo-fi, punky pop that reminds me a lot of Pavement's Slanted & Enchanted LP. Like the recent Farang 12", this is one of those releases that is totally unique and unclassifiable.

Tags: 10s bfsale indie melodic punk recommended