XM2: demo cassette

Commodity Tapes


Hailing from Barcelona, XM2 delivers fast, noisey and furious hardcore similar to that of the Italian and Spanish hardcore tradition. Members of Absurdo and Otan.

Our take: Demo cassette from this Barcelona band on the standout Commodity Tapes label. XM2 features members of Absurdo and Otan, two of my absolute favorite recent Spanish bands, and it definitely shows. The Otan connection is particularly apparent. The Otan 7"s are records that I never stop going back to... they are simply some of the most passionate, intense, and punk records, not just of the past few years but of all time. XM2 definitely have that same kind of passion--particularly in the vocals--but they also have that quirky, almost psychedelic edge to the music that makes the kids like that Una Bestia Uncontrolable band so much. However, like Otan this is extremely raw and primal, reminding me more of early Wretched and Indigesti more than what I think of as the more melodic tradition of 80s Spanish punk. Whatever its influences, this is one of the most scorching, explosive demos I've heard in ages. Someone get this band on vinyl immediately! Highest possible recommendation!
Tags: 10s europe hardcore raw recommended spain yoobl