X: X-Spurts 12"

Ugly Pop Records


First time on vinyl for this rare 1977 demo session by the Australian band X (not to be confused, of course, with the band from Los Angeles with the same name). Apparently this recording session was thought to be completely lost, but was only recently recovered on an old, battered cassette tape. I went into this thinking that it was probably going to just be some demo recordings that the band made in advance of their great debut record, X-Aspirations (also recently reissued by Ugly Pop), but it turns out this is a completely different record that captures a completely different era of the band (only one track, "Revolution," appears on both X-Spurts and X-Aspirations). This earlier version had a completely different lineup (I believe there was only one member who played on both sessions), and has a lot more of the muscular and melodic, Stooges-inspired propulsion that I associate with early Australian punk than X-Aspirations, which is an incredible album but much more dynamic, minimal, and with more of a post-punk flair. X-Spurts, however, is balls-to-the-wall rock and roll, and if you dig records like the Saints' Eternally Yours, Radio Birdman's two LPs, or comparable British bands like Slaughter & the Dogs or the Damned then you will want to hear this. It also contains a large, 12"x24" lyric insert with a bunch of photos and a ton of liner notes providing contextual information about the album. Totally essential.

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