X: X-Aspirations 12"

Ugly Pop Records


Reissue of the killer first album by this first-gen Australian punk band on the great Ugly Pop label. As we've come to expect from Ugly Pop, all of the packaging, artwork, liner notes, and mastering are all top-notch and definitely the next best thing to owning an original copy. This LP has long been a personal favorite of mine... it's a very weird record... undeniably punk, but also undeniably something else as well. Even though they're from Australia, on this record I'm reminded less of the amped-up, Stooges-influenced sound of bands like Radio Birdman and the Saints and more of groups that kind of got lumped in with punk but weren't really... bands like the Stranglers and Wire, as well as first-gen post-punks like Gang of Four and the Pop Group. While those references may make it seem as if X are more post- than punk, X-Aspirations is an energetic, even explosive record... it's just one with a ambition and dynamics that are beyond those of the typical punk band. So yeah, basically, this is a great album and even the 90s reissue is hard to come by these days, so there's no reason not to add this excellent reissue to your collection.

Tags: '77 & KBD 70s australia bf16 punk reissues