Wymyns Prysyn: Waste Yr Life 7"

Pygmy Records


2nd EP from this Atlanta band who play killer, catchy punk with some post-punk tendencies. I suppose it's not a million miles away from what one thinks of as the "Atlanta sound" (i.e. Carbonas / Beat Beat Beat), but rather than basing things off a classic pop template, this one seems to come from a more artsy / deliberate direction. In the end it's just as catchy, but the catchy seems to be from somewhere else... it's almost like these are early New Order songs played at blistering, near-hardcore tempos, but then again it also reminds me of the punkier end of 90s British rock... Supergrass maybe? Or maybe China Drum... I'm stumped! Regardless, this is a really stellar EP... strongly recommended. Limited to 300 copies with screen printed jackets. Pygmy Records

Tags: 10s garage usa