Wymyns Prysyn: Head In A Vise 12"

Drugged Conscience Records


After a handful of 7"s, here's the debut 12" from Atlanta's Wymyns Prysyn. If you heard this band's earlier singles you're probably pretty amped to check this out, but even if you have checked them out before and they weren't your thing I would highly encourage you to give this a try. This record marks the band's first recording with Bobby from Brain FäŠæ / Double Negative on drums and he really brings the band to the next level. I've always said that Bobby is one of those drummers whose style is just inherently catchy... he has this magical way of making things sound like songs (i.e. catchy and memorable) with just his drumming, and as expected he takes the catchiness that was sort of bubbling under the surface of previous Wymyns Prysyn releases and brings it right to the fore. As for how this sounds, I suppose you can hear something of Wymyns Prysyn's Atlanta roots in places, but I don't think anyone would call this a garage-punk record. If it reminds me of anything it's a less noodly version of Hot Snakes. It's built around the same kind of propulsive, vaguely Wipers-esque rhythms, and with a much better recording this time around the haunting vocal melodies pop all the more. I haven't found anyone to explicitly agree with me yet, but parts of this LP even remind me of prime-era Nirvana in the expert fusion of punk-derived energy and heaviness with a deeper, more sophisticated poppiness. Without a doubt one of the standout releases of this month, and highly recommended by everyone here at the Sorry State camp.

Tags: 10s Atlanta post-punk recommended