Wriggle: Dunce cassette



The latest release from Greensboro, NC's Wriggle.  The recording on this tape shows Wriggle moving in a slightly different direction.  They exchange the straightforward No Labels-esque 80's hardcore approach  of their first tape for a more melodic sensibility, bringing to mind the interplay between guitar and bass you might associate with bands like Zounds.  Still 100% Goon rock.

Our take: Brand new 3-song release from this brilliant band out of Greensboro, North Carolina. I liked their first tape so much that I re-released it on Sorry State, but these three tracks find the band moving in a different direction. While the vocals are still raspy and very hardcore, the music is a little more mid-paced and melodic, incorporating the dark melodies of anarcho bands like Zounds or Hagar the Womb. Now, there are a lot of bands these days playing various forms of anarcho and post-punk tributes, but I don't think that Wriggle sound like any of those bands. First of all, the very raw DIY recording on these tracks gives these tracks the kind of homespun charm that I associate with early UKDIY, and second of all these tracks sound like a very logical and organic outgrowth of the band's earlier hardcore material, decreasing the velocity in favor of more interesting arrangements and complex interplay between the instruments. Everyone knows that I love classic USHC like the kind on their first releases, but what I love even more is a band that can grow, change and evolve... I like following bands on a journey, which is why my favorite bands are generally ones with big, bulging discographies. I really, really hope that Wriggle keep adding to theirs, even if it's just one three-song tape at a time, because they've already shown more growth and adventurousness than 99% of bands show in their entire lifetimes.
Tags: 10s hardcore melodic north carolina punk raw recommended