Wretched / Indigesti: Split 7"

euro import


Good to see someone took their time with this... unofficial reissue of the ground zero record of Italian hardcore. When people talk about the wild, out of control sound of early Italian hardcore, THIS is the record they're talking about. Wretched are a flailing mess, attacking the jugular with all of the (non-)tightness of Void's split LP tracks. Indigesti are marginally tighter but have a similar "early Dischord on acid" vibe. Clearly this is one of the greatest hardcore EPs of all time. The utmost care was clearly taken to reproduce the original as closely as possible, including the hand-stamped dust sleeves, photocopied insert, and original label artwork. As close as you're likely to come to owning an original of this bad boy.

Tags: 80s Europe noisy reissues