Worse: Demo cassette



Our take: Demo cassette from this new NYC band featuring 3/5 of the final lineup up the mighty Shoxx, and man is this killer! There are a lot of bands in this world who attempt to play "noise rock," but most of them can't seem to figure out the "rock" part. However, Worse do them one better and not only rock, but also have a downright brilliant pop sensibility as well. Seriously, I don't think I've ever heard a band that sounded so much like Nirvana in my life. It's really the only reference point that I can think of for such a brilliant combination of heaviness and catchiness. There are a few little sonic quirks they seem to adopt from Nirvana as well, like the mega-catchy bass licks on the first track (whose arrangement recalls "Floyd the Barber") and Nate's deceptively melodic, sing/scream vocal style. I mean, this is still punk as shit... the recording is dirty and nasty and it's a crappy little cassette with the same crappy little photocopied cover as all of your other punk demos, but I dare say there's something special here. This band could be going places. Or, you know, maybe not, but in the meantime this is a staggeringly brilliant demo.
Tags: 10s noise punk noise rock nyc recommended