Word On The Street: Street Spirit 7"

Sewercide Records


After a split 7" as well as some tapes and compilation appearances, here's the proper debut EP from Canada's Word on the Street. It's funny, everything about this screams that it's going to be some straight up youth crew, but it's actually a lot more interesting than that. There are some tropes of youth crew and NYHC (like the dive bombs on the second track), but the music is really raw and kind of wild in a way that I don't really associate with that style at all. The vocals sound like Straight Ahead, and they also do that super fast paddle beat that SA do from time to time, but it's by no means a tribute act. The rawness and the way that it doesn't quite fit the sXe template reminds me of bands like No for An Answer that had a similarly skewed take on the sound... the reference will probably be lost on most, but they also kind of remind me of Bladecrasher, a Virginia band who released a 7" on Youngblood Records in the late 90s. I have a feeling that the sXe crowd won't like the way this deviates from the template and hardcore folks won't like the fact that it bears any resemblance to that template at all, but if you like stuff that falls in the gaps between genres this might be worth checking out.

Tags: 10s canada hardcore sxe yoobl