Woodboot: Black Piss 7"

Total Punk


We return yet again to the land down under to bring you the finest misanthropic scuzz they have to offer. This time we land in Brisbane and give you WOODBOOT who are as subtle as a six car pile up and every-bit as brutal. Loud crunchy dum-dum punk anthems great for slitting your wrist or smashing drinks into your friend's skull. Real friendly stuff and 100% TOTAL PUNK

Our take: Follow-up to the LP that this Australian band released a while back, and as good as that was, these two songs best it. As before, Woodbot have a kind of amped-up, hardcore-level-aggressive take on the Spits' minimal punk sound. They are pretty much made for the Total Punk label, since their take on simple, straightforward, aggressive, snarling punk is just about the perfect encapsulation of everything that label seems to stand for. If you follow the Total Punk label (and you should be) you know they don't really put out duds, but this is one of the best of the best... highly recommended.
Tags: 10s australia garage punk recommended