Winter Hill Gang: Demo cassette

Layin' Waste


Four bangers of Boston influenced hardcore. A glimpse of whats to come from this new SF band. Members of Provos, Scalped and Profile.

Our take: Another bruiser of a hardcore demo from San Francisco's new Layin Waste tape label. Like the other bands on the label, Winter Hill Gang play tough, stomping hardcore that will be right up your alley if you closely follow labels like Warthog Speak, Painkiller, and Beach Impediment. Every band on the label does have a slightly different style, though, and to my ears Winter Hill Gang are total New Breed compilation worship, basically taking the tough early NYHC sound of the Abused and adding just a dash of late 80s flavor to the mix. It's well-recorded, chock full of riffs, and tough as hell, so if that sound is your jam give this a listen.
Tags: 10s hardcore mosh nyhc ushc yoobl