Whores: Mob Reality 7"

RIP Society Records


Still Single says..."A refreshing break from cruster buttflap-patch convention, Whores channels traces of Swansäó» Filth-era brutality over two side-long crushers. äóìMob Realityäó? stumbles into being with a sullen, twangy riff swathed in feedback, a plodding, lopsided clatter of drums, vocals reduced to a totally unintelligible, strangled roar. The desolate äóìU.B.M.äó? trades up side Aäó»s äóìcomplexity,äó? as detuned toms underpin a two-riff endurance test in 3/4 time, augmented by shrieking alto sax. This is vile noise not music that appears to have swapped out the stock foundation of UK/Swedish/Japanese crust for one based upon no-wave/early industrial abrasion."

Tags: australia/NZ garage