White Pages: Bam Bam 7"

Can't Stand Ya! Records


Brand new 4-song EP from this great Boston band. I'm kind of unsure of how to classify white pages... they're as fast as any hardcore band out there, but the guitars are all thin and undistorted like a garage band, but it doesn't really have the Stonesy swagger thing that is a hallmark of the garage punk genre. Really, I guess what this reminds me of is this kind of long tradition of spastic, nerdy hardcore/punk bands... I'd put bands like the Mortal Micronotz, early Naked Raygun, Skull Kontrol / the Monorchid... you could probably do this all day (especially since there isn't even a name or a codified set of conventions for the genre that I'm inventing), but at the end of the day White Pages are a fast, raw, and fun punk rock band, and I love them. Get this.

Tags: 10s female-fronted garage hardcore recommended