White Murder: S/T 12"

Razorcake Records


After a couple of great self-released EPs, here's the debut 12" from White Murder. This is just some great, classically-styled melodic punk in the vein of stuff that Dangerhouse used to put out. Unlike a lot of bands who have kind of a 70s punk vibe, it's clear that White Murder aren't trying to cop any one particular band's style... and indeed they don't sound like any band in particular, but the approach of playing great, anthemic songs with punk energy and aggression can't help but make you think of bands like X and the Bags. This also really feels like a proper LP... lots of varied tempos and ebb and flow keep you interested throughout... it's a real ride. I can see this appealing to anyone into '77 style punk, garage, or even hardcore as it just has that classic punk sound that we all know and love.

Tags: '77 & KBD 10s female-fronted melodic punk recommended