White Lung: Sorry 12"

Deranged Records


Long-awaited follow-up to this blistering Canadian post-punk band's previous LP and singles on Deranged. The adjective "post-punk" is a bit of a misnomer... while White Lung have all of the counter-intuitive guitar and bass work that you associate with that style, the rhythm section chugs along with a fast and meaty style that seems more influenced by Discharge's pummeling attack than the disco beats and intricate tom patterns that I tend to associate with bands with riffs like these. If you've seen White Lung live you know they're one of the most relentless and bruising bands out there (hardcore, punk, or otherwise), and just like on their previous LP, that energy and aggression gets perfectly translated to vinyl. Every bit as good as It's the Evil, if you dig what this band is about you NEED this one. Deranged Records

Tags: 10s Canada melodic post-punk