White Lung: Deep Fantasy 12"

Domino Records


It took me a couple of listens to warm up to it, but now I'm tempted to say that this new LP is White Lung's best record. From the very beginning they've had an utterly unique sound, but they've never really excelled in the area of writing memorable songs. That all changes on this new record, on which there are a couple of certified sing-alongs that feel far more realized than anything the band has done to date. This comes somewhat at the cost of the originality of their sound--the guitars in particular are much more straightforward than on any of their other records, but there's still this kind of breathless, punk intensity that runs through every single track on this record. Even with some of their rougher edges sanded away White Lung are still an utterly unique band and Deep Fantasy is definitely one of the must-hear releases for 2014.

Tags: 10s bfsale canada female-fronted indie melodic punk weird