Whip: 2015 demo cassette



Demo tape from this rad new hardcore punk band from Winnipeg, Canada.

Our take: Demo cassette from this really strong, interesting punk band from Winnipeg, Canada. Even though this is much more straightforwardly punk (many moments sound very Dangerhouse-esque, reminding me particularly of the Bags), I kind of wonder if this has some influence from Good Throb and Frau in here. In addition to the, shall we say, lack of emphasis on musical proficiency (there are several clearly audible "mistakes" here), the way that this music is at the same kind delicate and brittle yet hefty and powerful reminds me of nothing so much as Good Throb's mighty roar. I also like the fact that this feels more or less genre-less... while I can hear a certain affinity with the bands mentioned above, on this demo Whip sound very much like a band finding their own way and figuring things out for themselves, and consequently it has a sense of freshness that is really captivating.
Tags: 10s canada female-fronted gb325 hardcore punk yoobl