Whatever Brains: S/T 12"

Sorry State Records

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Without a doubt the most sonically adventurous release thus far on Sorry State, North Carolina's Whatever Brains use their previous 4 7"s as a launching pad into completely uncharted musical waters. While the foundation is still spazzy, weird garage punk, this time around Whatever Brains incorporate electronic beats, tons of synth, some quieter parts, and a few truly epic compositions. This album is so expansive that it probably has something for everyone, but fans of Total Control, early Pavement, prime-era Fall, and catchy garage punk in the Marked Men mold will probably be the ones in the front row banging their fists along. The packaging on this one is also particularly ambitious, including a full-color gatefold jacket, obi strip, 14-page newsprint booklet, and a download card with the LP and remastered versions of all four of the band's previous EPs. Sorry State Records

Listen to the track "The Future of Porn:"

The Future of Porn by sorrystaterecords
Tags: 10s bfsale melodic post-punk USA