Weekend Nachos: Worthless 12"

Deep Six Records


Worthless, the latest full-length recorded effort from this Chicago quartet, is... a face-peeler. Opening track Hometown Hero sets the bar high in hurry with a pummeling combination of Discharge-esque riffs that explode into grindcore blasts beats and vocal attacks that are as poignant as ever. Here we see singer Snyder stepping up the pace with rants that drive forward at 200 mph, ready to blow you over with a guitar presence that is thicker than sea-shit. This is extreme music for extreme musicians and those who have an ear for detail. The awesomely thick, but not overly-engineered sounding production really puts this LP over-the-top. As someone who is inundated with new releases every week, this authenticity of sound within Worthless is immediately engaging and sustaining.
Tags: 10s hardcore power violence