Weed Hounds: S/T 12"

Katorga Works Records


It's funny, I don't think I'd actually heard Weed Hounds' music before, but I knew their name because they were kind of a running joke in Katorga Works emails... I think Adam's been saying "Weed Hounds LP will be out soon" for several years now. Not having any idea what these guys actually sound like I was pleasantly surprised by some great, kind of shoegaze-y indie-pop. It's definitely more toward the Merchandise end of the Katorga Works catalog, but the band that Weed Hounds really remind me of is Siamese Twins... just like the Twins, their music seems to come to the listener through a kind of dense, hazy filter. For a lot of bands that sheen of noise is the beginning and end of their sound, but Weed Hounds have more than enough melody and songwriting skill that bubbles up to the surface and keeps things interesting. Just like their punk stuff, when Katorga Works puts out a more indie-ish release like this you know it's going to be top-notch. Definitely recommended if you like the aforementioned bands.

Tags: 10s female-fronted indie melodic