Wasted Talent: Ready To Riot 12"

Going Underground Records

$7.25 $14.50

Retrospective LP for this early 80s USHC band from State College, Pennsylvania. You may recognize bassist Greta Brinkman from a slew of other bands that have been reissued over the past several years, including Unseen Force and 2000 Maniacs. You can pretty much take one look at the cover and see what you're getting here... it's total early 80s hardcore, very much beholden to its influences and not really notably proficient or innovative at the end of the day. If you're only a dabbler in early 80s USHC this probably isn't worth your time, but scholars of the genre will dig this a lot... the recording is solid and Wasted Talent have slightly more '77 punk in their DNA than a lot of the second-and-later generation USHC bands. They remind me a lot of bands like the Untouchables and Teen Idles, i.e. bands that probably started out aping the '77 set but quickly increased their tempos and toughened up their approach in order to fall in line with the emerging USHC movement. As is the case with most retrospective releases these days, the packaging is rather lavish, including a full-color jacket, a sticker, and a big fold-out poster sleeve full of flyers, liner notes, reviews, and other ephemera.
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