Waste Layer: Abuse of Freedom cassette


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Demo cassette from this short-lived Atlanta band. Heavy 90s Japanese HC vibes with the big, beefy recording to match that sound. Ex-Bukkake Boys.

Our take: Posthumous cassette release from this short-lived Atlanta band featuring Chris from Bukkake Boys (as well as a whole bunch of other bands). If you like your hardcore to observe genre boundaries... well, then Waste Layer are not the band for you. However, if you like the genre-bending, almost prog-y hardcore with a distinct metal tinge and beefy, modern production you'll love this. Basically, if you went past that first layer of Japanese hardcore (Death Side, Judgement, Bastard, Gauze, etc.) and started checking out the weirder, less westerner-friendly bands on labels like Blood Sucker and HG Fact--groups like Colored Ricemen, Crucified Junk, Padlock, Ogreish Organism, etc.--not only will you really like this tape, but you'll be absolutely floored that there is an American band who nails this bizarre sound so perfectly. So, definitely not for everyone, but those who love it will LOVE it.
Tags: 10s atlanta hardcore yoobl