Warthog: Chain Wallet Sessions 7"



This is Warthog's 2012 demo on vinyl... when they started the band they were known as Chain Wallet, hence the record's title. Anyway, Warthog came out of the gate when hardcore of this style was in kind of a lull (it probably still is in all honesty). Everyone and their mother (me included) was flipping out for Crazy Spirit and Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, so it was kind of shocking to see a NYC band come out playing this style of heavy, straightforward, Poison Idea-influenced hardcore. The thing is, though, that they completely knock it out of the park... I played this demo nearly to death when it came out in spite of the fact that straightforward hardcore was the last thing in the world that I wanted to be listening to. It's just that good, and two years later it still is. If you're lucky enough to grab a copy, congrats, if not sorry!
Tags: 10s hardcore nyc recommended USHC