Warsong: The Caravan 12"

Doom Town Records

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Latest EP from this Spanish HC/punk band featuring former members of Insomnio and No Escape. Like those bands, Warsong definitely has a prominent Wipers influence in the dark, extremely melodic guitar-playing (there's even a cover of "Window Shop for Love"), but they're also a little different than the aforementioned bands. There's more complexity in the arrangements so it doesn't really feel as HC as Insomnio, but the music is still fast, propulsive, and punk. All in all they remind me of bands like Arctic Flowers and the Estranged, bands that sort of graft that general dark vibe that a lot of the best Wipers stuff has onto the template of modern punk. This also has a slightly grittier production and more passionate vocals that make it a lot stronger than Warsong's debut EP from a while back... if you're interested in checking these guys out I'd recommend starting here. Note: these copies have a small (1") seam split at the top from shipping. If you are a stickler for condition you may want to get these somewhere else. The records are fine otherwise. Doomtown Records

Tags: 10s bfsale melodic Spain