Warhead / Tetsu Array: Split 7"

Farewell Records


The recordings were originally released as CD for their common Japan Tour in August 2015. Warhead started kicking around Japan around 1991 and over the following twenty some-odd years released some of the most disturbing and intense hardcore that ever came from the island. Warhead are among the top classic hardcore bands from Japan. Tight, brutal, fast. The way it should be. Tetsu Array are one of the original Burning Spirits hardcore bands from Tokyo. For you guys that never heard Tetsu Array is a legend band from Tokyo. As a part of the (in)famous vinyl comp. "Eyes Of The Thrash Guerilla", "Iron dumbbell" (as the band's name translation is) continue the delivering of raging, pissed-off hardcore with rock elements and metallic edge. With former members of BASTARD, EXTINCT GOVERNMENT and JUDGEMENT. If you like Japanese hardcore, you just need this, plain and simple. Note: this is available on several different vinyl colors, all of which are limited to 100 copies each. We cannot honor requests for specific colors of vinyl.

Our take: Brand new split 7" from these two legendary Japanese hardcore bands. I haven't managed to get a copy of Tetsu Arrey's latest CD (which, so far, I believe, has only been released on CD and only in Japan) so it's been quite a while since I heard from them, but they remain a powerhouse. They're the band who wrote the song "Burning Spirits" and the remain perhaps the purest example of the style, avoiding both the more melodic elements that Forward tends to explore and the more metallic elements that interest a lot of other bands in favor of pure, pummeling, traditional Japanese hardcore. They contribute to tracks here and they're both pretty much crushers. As for Warhead, their first track is a bit of departure from their fabulous recent LP. While that LP went for the jugular with an explosive, barely-contained rage, the first track here has an uncharacteristically mid-paced rock vibe, though it is infused with the over-the-top, dentist-drill guitar sound that Warhead has honed on their post-Cry of Truth releases. However, if you want that shot of adrenaline, Warhead's second track is pretty much textbook Warhead... a blistering, riff-based number that's a spot-on example of their slightly faster, more aggressive take on the burning spirits sound.
Tags: 10s burning spirits hardcore japan punk recommended