Warhead: Cry of Truth 7"

Farewell Records


Long-awaited reissue of Warhead's debut EP and easily one of the single best Japanese hardcore records of all time!

Our take: Well, I don't know why the Japanese policy on reissues has suddenly changed, but I'm stoked that it means that I get to carry classic records like the Death Side LPs and Warhead's Cry of Truth in the store. As for Cry of Truth, it's absolutely one of the very best Japanese hardcore records ever. Moreover, I feel like this record has traditionally been a mark of connoisseurship... in other words, if you're into Bastard and Death Side and Judgement but you don't acknowledge the greatness of this record then I question the depth of your knowledge and/or your taste. I mean, the riff to "Fight with No Fear," right? It's as great as anything in the aforementioned bands' respective canons if you ask me. I know these tracks got reissued on a singles collection LP a while back, but it's great to see them here in their original running order with the original artwork reproduced almost exactly. A class act all around and a fitting tribute to one of the best records out there. If you don't have this in your collection in some form then you pose hard.
Tags: 90s gb325 hardcore japan noisy raw recommended