War Path: S/T Cassette



So, I guess the story on this cassette is that when Stoic Violence broke up the vocalist Branden went on to form Response (whose demo you can also grab from us), while the rest of the band has gone on to form War Path. Just as Response isn't really a continuation of Stoic Violence, so does War Path depart pretty radically from SV's sound. SV was pretty much an all-go, no-slow proposition, playing blistering USHC a la Record Collectors-era Poison Idea, but War Path seem to have moved all of their old oi! and UK82 singles to the front of their 7" boxes and gone from there. The sound here is decidedly Blitz-inspired, with a mid-paced, pounding rhythm section, lots of super-catchy lead guitar and some burly yet catchy vocals. It's definitely on the harder end of the oi! spectrum, but those near-constant little single-string lead lines really bring this home and make the songs stick to your ribs. Catchier than your typical oi!/hardcore hybrid, this one will definitely appeal to fans of Proxy, Crown Court, and similarly top-notch oi! revivalists. Killer.

Tags: 10s california hardcore oi! uk82 ushc