Warbox: demo cassette

Bossdog Records

$2.00 $4.00

Demo cassette from this new band out of Western Massachusetts. It's funny, I think the cover of this demo actually says a lot about the way they sound... they have the graffiti logo that was common among late 80s NYHC bands, but they also have a Cro-Mags-esque nuclear explosion, a Bad Brains-esque Lion of Judah, and a very punk-looking cityscape in ruins. The whole thing is smashed together rather chaotically but in a way that still comes off as distinctive and interesting. That's pretty much the music in a nutshell... there's definitely a lot of late 80s NYHC, but there's a bunch of other stuff as well, and the kind of chaotic (even random) way in which it all comes together is really interesting. There are a lot of very polished and tight bands who play a variation of this style, but by being a bit more raw and immediate as well as a bit more eclectic, War Box actually end up sounding considerably more like the New Breed compilation bands that everyone wants to emulate.

Tags: 10s 65804 mosh nyhc reissues USA yoobl