Wankys: Knock One Out 12"

SPHC Records

$6.00 $10.00

I guess the question one asks whenever one is confronted with a new Wankys release is, "do they do anything differently?" The answer hear, to my ears at least, is a yes! The basic schtick is still the same--Disorder-inspired dentist-drill guitar, super catchy bass lines, and snotty vocals--but the band seem more determined here to write really good, catchy, and memorable songs. The lyrics as always are deliberately juvenile, but the music is just unabashed fun. If you found yourself enjoying that recent Who Killed Spikey Jacket? 12", it might be time to give the Wankys another try with this release, which is bound to gain them some new fans while pleasing old ones. SPHC Records

Tags: 10s noise punk noisy UK UK82