Wake Up Dead: Northern Girls 7"

EZPZ Records

$2.00 $6.00

Latest 3-song single from this London band featuring members of Black Time, Black Mamba Beat, and Live Fast Die among many others. These three songs remind me a lot of the best guitar-driven, poppy post-punk / new wave of the early 80s... I'm thinking of bands like the Soft Boys, the Sound, and maybe even early Kiwi stuff like Clean, though this is much more raw and DIY sounding than any of those bands. There's also a slight bit of that druggy / 70s New York kind of vibe that I get off of some Pink Reason stuff. At root, though, these are three insanely catchy, well-written songs delivered with raw punk energy... what's not to like? EZPZ Records

Tags: 10s garage melodic post-punk UK