VVOUVNDS / Sex Drive: Split 7"

Wounds & Scars Records

$2.00 $6.00

Split 7" between these two European HC bands. VVOVNDS are from Belgium and play gritty, dirty power violence with a strange, artsy edge. The band name, artwork, and the slightly progressive (but still intense and aggressive) sound all make me thing of the Youth Attack Records sound of a few years ago, before they started putting out bands that had a more early 80s sound. As for Sex Drive, they're Dutch and feature members of a bunch of well-known bands from there. As their name might indicate, they're inspired by the raw, wild (but still song-oriented) sound of early 80s midwest HC like the Necros. A solid split 7" with really great-looking artwork and packaging. Wounds & Scars Records

Tags: 10s bfsale Europe fast grind / power violence USHC