Visual Communicator book/zine

La Cucaracha

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VC is a handmade image publication, highlighting the work of two complimentary artists. Each issue contains 21 original images including a collaborative fold-out poster.ξ

Risograph printed (each page is a transition from black ink to purple ink the closer one approaches the center) with hand-pulled silkscreen covers, each book has a unique color blend on both covers, is perfect-bound and wrapped up with a book cloth spine. Completely assembled by hand.


Edition size of issue #1: 100ξ

Dimensions: 7.25" x 7.25" designed to fit amongst a 7" collection

Format: Split-Reverse (Each artist has their own front cover. Book reads from outside-in, ending at the centerfold poster)ξ



Ashley Hohman - Musician and Artist from St. Louis, MO - City's best flyers, hands down. Ashley is constantly filling eyes with collage and dizzying images of the occult, strange, and strangely occult - Prolific - Sick. Ashley sings and plays bass in DOOM TOWN plus i thiiiiink a new project.


Olivia Gibb - Visual Artist residing in KCMO - Actively showing printmaker has produced pieces for ragers Glow God among others along with an archives-worth of original pieces - Master of Space, Pos/Neg

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